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3.3 Pint CO2 Beer Growler Steel

3.3 Pint CO2 Beer Growler Steel

Brew Ashby
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Volume: 3.3 pints

As a fan of the craft beer, lager or cask ale, are you fed up with your takeouts in plastic milk cartons that keep the beer for less than 24hrs? Or ordinary glass growlers that do the same? The beer never tastes the same as it does directly from the tap. This is because CO2 has already escaped from the beer during the pour and oxygen and light is introduced. Your beautifully crafted brew is now degrading...and fast and not just overnight but in a matter of hours!!!!

Well, no longer do you have to put up with this, introducing our CO2 pressurised flagon with adjustable dial to keep your favourite brew just as the brewer intended. Free from oxygen, light and held at the perfect pressure for an in bar/pub drinking experience at home or wherever you may be going. Brews can now last for weeks but lets be honest just a few days will be enough for you thirsty lot. Oh and don't forget no more wasted milk cartons!